Amor Binders

Needs Your Help!

We have launched a crowdfund campaign so we can make binders more easily accessible to our trans and gender diverse community!

Launching a range of accessible and affordable chest binders is something that our founder Andy Amor has been passionately working towards for several years now, and is a dire need for the local trans and gender diverse community - even more now than ever. 


With affordable and safe binders being increasingly more difficult to access, and trans peoples' chest surgeries being cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, the need to have locally made and available binders is desperately urgent.


It is no longer sustainable for Andy to continue operating making chest binders on their domestic machines, as they have been doing these past few years. 


To continue as this way, they are not able to keep the binders affordable as well as charge enough to adequately cover their costs and labour, and they don't have the equipment needed to adhere to industry standards and regulations.


So this is where you could help!

As a thank you for supporting, donors can also receive limited edition patches! Check out the vid below to see these beauties! 

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