Our Story


Turning dysphoria into euphoria!

Amor Binders offers unique and innovative clothing to celebrate and affirm the true you, enhance body confidence, and facilitate fun! All our chest binders are made locally and ethically produced in the highest quality materials. Our binders are designed to fit a diverse range of body shapes, sizes and abilities.


Artist and designer Andy Amor first conceived the idea of beginning their own line of chest binders back in 2014, when they began socially transitioning. It was sparked by a need that wasn’t being fulfilled, as they found it difficult to find chest binders that felt comfortable to wear and also flattened well. Andy had a vision to be the change they wanted to see, by designing chest binders that would be inclusive, accessible, comfortable, gender-affirming, and fun. Driven by a dream to turn dysphoria into euphoria, in 2018 the label Amor Binders was born.