Our Story

A tale of turning dysphoria into euphoria!


Amor Design Studio is a trans and disabled owned company, founded by Andy Amor, a nonbinary artist, designer and fashion nerd who proudly identifies as neurodivergent. Specialising in gender affirming chest binders, we offer sensory friendly and size inclusive clothing, innovatively designed by an actual autistic trans person with comfort, fit, and size inclusivity in mind.


We believe that EVERYBODY deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and affirmed in who they are. Gender identity, size, and disability shouldn’t be barriers to being able to express our true selves. It is our mission to spread gender euphoria far and wide and help the neurodivergent trans and gender diverse community to comfortably celebrate and affirm their true selves, feel confident in their bodies, and have FUN!


Our founder Andy Amor first conceived the idea of beginning their own line of sensory friendly chest binders back in 2014, when they began socially transitioning. It was sparked by a need, as they couldn’t find comfortable chest binders that they could safely wear all day and achieve the flattening that helped them feel affirmed in who they are. After many months of trying every chest binder that they could get their hands on, and finding that everything they tried was dreadfully uncomfortable and unbearable to wear due to their sensory sensitivities, Andy had a vision to be the change they wanted to see. So, they set their mind to designing chest binders that would be COMFORTABLE, inclusive, accessible, gender-affirming, and fun.


Having grown up in a family of talented seamstresses and made their own clothing from a young age, Andy used their skill and knowledge to design their first sensory friendly chest binder. They then continued to develop this design over several years, drawing from their own experience of binding, and in 2018 began custom making chest binders for the local trans and gender diverse community. After they started custom fitting binders, Andy found that a lot of people came to them to get fitted for binders because there was nothing else available to them that fit their bodies and were comfortable for them to wear. Just like Andy, they too had often spent a small fortune on binders that they couldn’t wear, and were losing hope that they could feel affirmed and comfortable in their body without having to have surgery. After custom fitting binders on over a hundred people, and seeing the huge impact their chest binders made for their local community, Andy decided that it was time to branch out and make their chest binders available to the wider trans and gender diverse community – so more people could access safe, comfortable, and gender affirming chest binders that FIT THEIR BODIES.


Driven by their dream to spread the gender euphoria as far and wide as they could, Andy set out to not only design comfortable chest binders and offer a wide size range, but to develop binders that would ACTUALLY FIT well on a diverse range of bodies – including people with larger chests. They also set out to develop a unique sizing system that would help more people confidently order a chest binder that would fit THEIR body.


Thanks to Andy's hard work and dedication, we can proudly say that not only are we a TRULY size inclusive brand, Amor Binders is the only range of chest binders in the world that are sensory friendly and offer binders designed specially to fit well on people with large chests. Andy’s dedication knows no bounds, and they achieved what they were told was impossible – to make chest binders commercially available, without the need to be custom made, that could fit a diverse range of bodies. After perfecting their designs and working with professional pattern makers to make their designs viable for commercial production, in 2021 Amor Binders launched their first range of sensory friendly and size inclusive chest binders.