Melbourne designer creating innovative chest binders for diverse bodies


'A Melbourne artist and designer has launched Australia’s first line of chest binders, designed to fit diverse bodies and be sensory friendly.

Typically used by trans men and some non-binary people, binders are tight tank top–like garments that help give the appearance of a flat chest.'

Andy on National LGBTIQ Community Rad Radio - Fierce FM


'The best things in life are recycled, durable, affordable, comfortable, accessible and a lot more fun and easy to put on than tape and bandages.


We chat about freedom, diversity and masking with the innovative, sensory friendly, amazing designer Andy Amor.'

Queer Business Spotlight: Amor Binders


"For a lot of autistic people, and people with sensory processing issues, reducing some of the things that unnecessarily cause discomfort can be the difference between whether they will be able to wear a garment or not." 


"I aim to be as inclusive as I can, by designing clothing that considers those who fall outside of ‘the norm’ that the mainstream fashion market caters to – [including] people with disabilities, trans and gender non-conforming people, and people who experience size discrimination."

BRAND BEYOND THE BINARY - Accessible Fashion


'Andy is on the cusp of launching their sensory-friendly binder collection designed to fit diverse bodies. For those of you new to the idea of chest binders, they are compression garments that can look like sports bras or tank tops. They are usually worn by trans masc or non-binary people to help give the appearance of a flatter chest.'