Amor Binders

Clothing to celebrate and affirm the true you, enhance body confidence, and facilitate fun!
Stand tall and be proud to be who you are!


Confidence that comes with being comfortable in your own skin!


Mini is smiling confidently, wearing a mid grey chest binder


Turning dysphoria into euphoria!

Amor Binders offers unique and innovative clothing to celebrate and affirm the true you, enhance body confidence, and facilitate fun! All our chest binders are made locally and ethically produced in the highest quality materials. Our binders are designed to fit a diverse range of body shapes, sizes and abilities.


Artist and designer Andy Amor first conceived the idea of beginning their own line of chest binders back in 2014, when they began socially transitioning. It was sparked by a need that wasn’t being fulfilled, as they found it difficult to find chest binders that felt comfortable to wear and also flattened well. Andy had a vision to be the change they wanted to see, by designing chest binders that would be inclusive, accessible, comfortable, gender-affirming, and fun. Driven by a dream to turn dysphoria into euphoria, in 2018 the label Amor Binders was born.


"I’ve had my amor binder for a few weeks now and I’m still in love! It’s so comfortable and gender affirming ✨ I have eczema and the material is super friendly to my skin and doesn’t irritate it (I wear it on the reverse side). I also wore it as a shirt the other night and it looks rad as hell 💜 thanks for making such a beautiful product!"


"I bought the full chest racerback during the launch presale and I adore it. I have an H cup chest but quite a small waist/rib cage and struggle so much buying bras that fit so I’d never wanted to invest in a binder based on how limited the market was. So I specifically held off until I could grab this one and oh my gosh best choice! It’s super easy to get on and off, it gives good compression and still feels super supportive, and the design is really great as someone who has chronic pain which can be made worse by seams/restrictive fabric."


“The binder went through a big trial yesterday rushing sick kittens to the vet, and it was great! I didn't have to readjust it after I put it on, I could bend and lift without having to worry about my chest, and it was comfy too”

Teddy James

"Seriously you don’t even know the euphoria levels right now. Seriously cannot say thank you enough times. Every binder I’ve tried I have instantly known that I won’t be able to handle it sensory-wise for more than a few hours. I can already tell I’ll be able to wear this to a work day, or out with friends without worrying it’s going to start causing sensory issues. That’s just such a huge deal."

Stevie Lang

"Andy's binders have been a significant source of gender euphoria for me. I've never worn something that flattens out my chest but also is comfortable at the same time. They are an endearingly self-procalimed fabric nerd who takes immaculate precision with each product and every body. I really appreciate the work that they do for our community more than I can say. Thank you Andy!"

Sable Desu

"Unlike the other binders I used to wear, Andy's gave me the flat chest look while still allowing me to breathe comfortably and move around with ease. Andy’s binders also have no seams that would irritate or leave a mark. Amor Binders are simply the best I've ever worn. I highly recommend them!"


Meet our founder!

Andy Amor, founder of Amor Design Studio and the talent behind all our binder designs, graphic design, and literally everything!

Acknowledgment of Country

Amor Binders would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people of the Kulin Nations, and the Tatungalung people of the Gunaikurnai Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the lands upon which we live, learn and work. 

We pay our respects to the Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their connection to Country, for they hold the memories, traditions, and culture of these lands of which sovereinty was never ceded. We would like to extend this respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.